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Merchant Refunds

Refunds with Solana Pay are handled through a Shopify merchant's standard refund process.

Create a new refund

Refunds are initiated from your Shopify store admin panel. Log in to and open your Orders page.

Open an order and click the Refund button in the top right.

You can choose how much you want to refund. Partial refunds are possible, allowing you to return a portion of the original payment amount to the customer.

Processing a refund

  1. Navigate to the Refunds page. (log in as needed)
  2. Click the "Approve" button for the refund you wish to process, or deny a refund by clicking the "Deny" button.
  3. Connect a Solana wallet and confirm the transaction.
  4. After a few seconds, the refund will be processed and the order status in Shopify will be updated to reflect that the order has been refunded.


  • The refunding wallet does not have to be the same one you receive payments to. Any solana wallet can be used to issue refunds.
  • Refunds might fail if there are insufficient funds in the merchant's Solana wallet.
  • There are small gas fees associated with issuing a refund, which Solana Pay will cover for the time being.
  • The ability to issue a refund is determined by your store's refund policy.