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Websocket Design

Websockets are used to give the user a real-time view of the payment process.

First, in payment-transaction, we validate the basic payemnt request sent from the payment-ui to the backend. If the request is valid, the customer is sent to the laoding screen, and their state is set to completed.

Next, again in payment-transaction, we build the transaction, and set it back to the user to sign. During this time, the user is at approving. We also store the transaction signature in the database

Once the user signs the transaction and sends it to the blockchain, we wait until helius hits our webhook confirming that the transaction has been received. We check to see this signature exists in our database, in which case the user is set to processing, and the helius webhook endpoint also hits out process-transaction-message queue.

This process-transaction-message handler then again fetched the transaction from the chain, tells shopify that the payment has been made, and sets the state to completing.

Finally, the payment ui marks everything as completed 1 second later.